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Glimpse of Phoksundo Lake

Glimpse of Phoksundo Lake at the top before reaching Ringmo village.

Shey Phoksundo Lake is an alpine freshwater oligotrophic lake, which is located at an elevation of 3,611.5 meters/11,849 ft. in the Dolpa District. This lake is in the periphery of Shey Phoksundo National Park. Shey Phoksundo Lake is spread over the area of 494 hector/1.91 sq mi with the water volume is 409,000,000 m3and discharge of 3.715m3/s. The maximum depth of Shey Phoksundo is 145 meters/476 ft.

You will also find a traditional village of Dolpo called as Ringmo in the southern end. The village lies on the 30,000 to 40,000-year-old landslide dam that formed the lake. While you pass the dam, you will see the waterfall of over 167 meters/548 ft tall.